making work pay

Making work pay

Gigachain is an advanced and intuitive platform that makes it simple for businesses to pay their casual and hourly workers accurately, protecting workers from exploitation and growing the businesses they work for


Create trust between workers and business, with transparent, tamper-proof data shared between all parties generating confidence in pay and records.


Get it right, first time. Errors cost time and effort to put right, chip away at workers' trust in their bosses, and can even lead to companies unwittingly falling foul of minimum pay legislation.


Keep costs down. A simple, intuitive and accurate system that minimises rework takes cost out of the system and out of the manual processes around it.


Paying workers accurately every time guards against the risk of negative publicity, as well as demonstrating a solid commitment to ethical working relationships

Proper pay

Gigachain ensures workers are paid accurately, in line with the agreement they have with the business. No more #wagetheft.

Why use Gigachain?

The magic of Gigachain

The magic of Gigachain is a tamper-proof store of work records which creates trust

How it works

  1. workers clock in and out of work
  2. pay is calculated
  3. business gains insights

The results

  • work records are recorded in a tamper-proof, trustworthy blockchain-based store
  • businesses and workers have secure 24/7 cloud-based access to those records

…generating trust and transparency, and confidence that workers will receive their complete pay


Gigachain will suit various situations, from individuals to complex multi-party arrangements

Worker / business

  • Gigachain as a platform implemented for a business and used by all its hourly-paid or sessional workforce

  • Workers, supervisors and managers all see the same tamper-proof data, generated directly from clock in/out events and from agreed records of contract details

  • Pay is calculated based on hours worked and agreed terms

  • Business benefits from insights through AI / machine learning

Agency / candidate

  • Use by an agency for transparent records of work and payments, shared with its clients and with the candidates placed with them

  • Three-party arrangement makes trust and tamper-proofing even more important, and even more challenging

  • Typical process includes the agency paying candidates before receiving payment from their clients; this creates significant risk, which Gigachain massively mitigates

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